4/20/2015: Anaheim High School, 7:00am

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, a Kansas-based hate group, plan to hold a demonstration outside Anaheim High School on Monday morning. WBC’s primary cause is anti-homosexuality, though they also speak publicly against women’s rights, the Catholic Church, Judaism, etc. They don’t seem to have a particular reason to attack this high school; they’re coming to Orange County mainly to picket the funeral of Robert Schuller (founder of the Crystal Cathedral), and this is just a warm-up event for them.

The school principle is not legally able to ask for our presence, but we have been encouraged to come and witness. We will, as always, form a visual barrier between the demonstrators and the school, and attempt to provide a peaceful and loving presence.

WBC has planned their picket for 7:15-7:45am. I would like to ask Witnesses to gather at 7:00am, on the sidewalk in front of the school’s main entrance. There is a small strip mall directly across the street from the entrance; at 7am I expect we’ll be able to park there without much trouble.

Will Picard (that’s me) will be coordinating this witness. You can contact me by cell at (202) 297-1455 with any questions. See you bright and early on Monday!

Monday, April 20, 2015
7:15 to 7:45 a.m.
Anaheim High School
811 W Lincoln Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92805

11/8/2014: CAIR Banquet, 4:30pm

We will be witnessing at the The Hilton Anaheim on November 8, for CAIR-LA’s annual banquet. This event always draws a fair number of protesters and harassers. Because there is very limited public space outside the hotel (i.e., space where we can legally stand), our plan is to arrive before the harassers do and take up as much space as we can.

Event registration begins at 5:30pm, so we plan to arrive and set up by 4:30 (or earlier, if possible). When you arrive, please make your way to the front entrance of the hotel. We will gather on the narrow strip of public sidewalk between Convention Way and the hotel driveway. A map is below.

Anaheim Hilton
777 West Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802

11/16/2013 – Stand-by alert for CAIR Banquet

From Vicki: Many of us are planning to attend the CAIR banquet in Anaheim on Saturday evening and I’ve become aware that the hotel has received a number of calls and emails from some hateful folks. We don’t know for sure who is planning to protest there and perhaps they won’t protest at all, but they have done so each year at this event.

I plan to arrive early to look around and if I do see a need for us to witness, I will contact you by text, phone, and email to tell you exactly where to come. If you receive the message and are available to come witness, I will have our banners and signs with me. If you have any Interfaith Witnesses banners or signs, please bring them as well.

Meanwhile, here is some general information about the banquet:

Saturday, November 16, 5:30 p.m.
Anaheim Hilton
777 West Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802

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From the North: Take the I-5 South, exit Harbor Bl., turn right onto Harbor, and then turn right onto Convention Way to the hotel.

From the South: Take the I-5 North, exit Katella/Disney Way, turn left onto Katella, drive about a mile to Harbor Bl., turn left on onto Harbor, then turn right onto Convention Way to the hotel.

As always, please make every attempt to carpool out of consideration for the environment…and also because they charge for parking!

June 22, 2013 – Nonviolent direct action workshop with Jonathan Kuttab

Kuttab flier
On Saturday the 22nd, Interfaith Witnesses and Brea Congregational Church will host a workshop on nonviolent direct action. The workshop will be led by Mr. Jonathan Kuttab, a noted Palestinian human rights activist.

The workshop will be held at Brea Congregational Church at 9:00 am (registration at 8:30).

Here’s a map of the church’s location:

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June 15, 2013 – ICNA annual convention

On June 15 the Islamic Circle of North America (Southern California) will hold its annual fundraising banquet. Because anti-Muslim groups have targeted ICNA in the past, we expect to witness outside the banquet this year.

We would like some members to be on “standby.” One or two of us will arrive early and send out emails and/or text messages to those on standby if more witnesses are needed. If you’re able to be on standby for this event, please send an email to info@interfaithwitnesses.org (not the group email list).


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Nonviolence workshop with Rev. James Lawson – 5/18/2013

On May 18, Interfaith Witnesses and the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California hosted a workshop on nonviolent direct action, led by Rev. James Lawson, a leading activist in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. As a young man, Rev. Lawson studied the principles of Gandhian nonviolence in India, and taught these theories and methods to civil rights activists in the American south.

Below is a video, provided by the Islamic Shura Council, showing highlights from Rev. Lawson’s talk.