Ground Rules

We are present to bear witness and be of support to people or groups who are being harassed because of their faith.  At times we will do this by standing in silence with banners; at other times we may walk together in silence or quietly greet and escort those who are being harassed.

1)      Interfaith Witnesses quietly greet and escort attendees at an event or time of worship by remaining near the attendees, not going near anyone who is provoking or harassing.

2)      Interfaith Witnesses do not engage, confront, or respond to anyone who is harassing or provoking.  If anyone does, he/she needs to leave the area to go calm down.

3)      We are usually called to witness with little notice.  Those who are able to respond may feel free to bring others as long as they are comfortable with our Ground Rules.  Out of respect for the environment, we try to carpool when possible.